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Pine Wood Cat Litter


Application: cats.

Material: 100% pine wood

Shape: columnar

Scent: natural wood

Size: 6-15mm

Diameter: 6mm,8mm.

Color: natural wood

Odor control: Strong

Chemical: non-toxic

Specific gravity(g/ml): 0.55-0.65g/ml

Bio-degradable: 100% Bio-degradable,easy to handle.

Packing details: 6kg, 9kg, 20kg, ton bag

A Plant Cat Litter Natural Pine Wood, Biodegradable and Hygienic.

Ultra absorbent, biodegradable with a pine fragrance.

Plant Cat Litter Natural Pine Wood helps keep your pet happy and healthy, with a pine fragrance to keep your home smelling fresh.

Produced in the Russia from 100% recovered sawdust.

Our Plant Cat Litter Natural Pine Wood is made from 100% recyclable timber and is 3 x more absorbent than most other litters. It’s fresh fragrance and hygienic qualities to help keep your cat purring.

Composition:100% Sawdust

Plant Cat Litter Extreme contains everything you love that about Carbon Plus with one refreshing difference.

It contains carbon to help eliminate odors on contact and keep your home smelling even fresher.

Pine wood litter has the power of carbon which works to eliminate odors.

Paw-activated fresheners.

Eliminates litter box odors.