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PH Urine Test Paper Cat Litter

Paper Cat Litter

Name: Paper Cat Litter clump type–PH Urine Test Paper Cat Litter

Color: White Grey with colored bacteria particles

Material: Paper

Flavor:Natrual Coffee,Rose,Mint, Strawberry, Lemon, Baby Powder, Apple, Lavender, Orange

Advantages: Light weight/Easy Take/ Fast Drying/Quick clumping/Biodegradable/Eco-friendly/Easy Clump/soft texture particles/Non Toxic/Strong Absorption/Quick absorption /Good price /super-high value with competitive price/99% dust free/three times more absorbent than bentonite clay/Suitable for all cat breeds

Completely environmentally friendly non-toxic material, forming fast, easy to shovel out, will not stick to the bottom, dust-free technology, to protect the cat and family respiratory health, ultra light weight, more convenient for the elderly and women to carry. Stable and high quality production line is your best choice for long-term cooperation.

Gently place it on the cat’s paw.99.9% percent dust proof cat litter helps prevent tracking.

Strong odor removal and health and environmental protection,Suitable for all cat breeds