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Carbon Cat Litter

Application: cats.

Shape: ball, irregular, columnar

Size: 0.2-0.5mm,0.5-1.5mm,1.5-3.5mm,1-4mm

Color: gray

Odor control: Strong

Chemical: non-toxic

Bio-degradable: 100% Bio-degradable, easy to handle.

Absorbency: strong absorption easy scoop.

Packing details: 5L 10L 12L 2kg 5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg Ton bag

The structure of activated carbon makes it have strong adsorption ability, and strong ability of deodorant.

After mixed with bentonite, not only can enhance the capacity of deodorization, but also can ensure all advantages of bentonite cat litter.

The material of clumping cat litter is based on bentonite clay, adding in Na2CO3.

It changes the chemical properties,and reaches the highest absorption, The cluster effect.

The cat feces will be wrapped.

Activated carbon eliminates odors.

Keeping house smelling fresh.

Features: Odor control, Locks in odors up To 5x longer, Value size.