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Multiple Cat Litter

We use special producing process to treat this Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter, in order to make it more strong water absorption, It is also very small size, can absorb three times more than natural bentonite cat litter.

Natural bentonite cat litter will have a little dust when pour into cat litter tray. But Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter is 99% dust free cat litter.

If you have a cat family, you can choose it.

Triple Odor Protection Urine, Feces & Ammonia 99% Dust Free Extended Release Deodorizing System Great Absorption Powerful Odor Control Low Tracking.

Ingredients: Natural Clay Product With Deodorizing System.

Features: Odor control, Multi-Cat use, Long lasting


Dust Free 99.999% Cat Litter


Material: Bentonite clay (montmorillonite clay) and Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3),

Color: White,Red,Black,gray

Shape: Crush,broken,

Size:0.5-1.5mm,1-2mm,1-3mm,smaller granule

Certificates: SGS

Odor control: Strong

Chemical: non-toxic

Specific gravity:(g/ml)0.78-0.88g/ml

Bio-degradable: 100% Bio-degradable, the hardest clump easy to handle,

Dust free: 100% dust free, No dust


Flavor: Unscented; With scents: Apple,lemon,rose,coffee,lavender,green tea,babypowder, soap,etc…

The benefits of using Dust free cat litter are as follow:

1.Dust free cat litters are formulated to reduce or eliminate the residual dust that may be created when pouring the cat litter into the litter box, or when your cat kicks the litter over his deposit, and The cat claws won’t get dirty.

2.As our dust free cat litter. With the help of sodium carbonate, this litter eliminates odors on contact. The micro-granules of the litter help form tight clumps around the waste, which makes it easy to scoop and dispose of while helping to reduce odors. This product hits all the main points to consider when searching for a dust free cat litter. Reliable absorbent and clumping effect.

3.The sand-like consistency of the litter assists in tighter clumping, which also means less litter is wasted because it couldn’t be sifted, And no dust means a cleaner litter box and surroundings.

4.Reviewers love this product because it’s easy to scoop, and it keeps the litter box clean. They also mention the superior odor control, and its nice, light scent, which is not overpowering.

5.Choosing a dust free cat litter is important to cat parents because it’s good for kitty’s respiratory health, as well as the humans in the household.